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2016 R4 (8.4)

The following values should be updated in the Web.config file before the registration process.

The web.config file is found under the <installation `Home>/Tools/Web/SRDAPI


Replace with


Proxy server name


SRD application server name for _servername_ and the virtual directory of the SRD installation for _virtualdirectory_

add name="SRDDBContext" connectionString="DATA SOURCE=_srddatabaseserver_/_srddatabasesid_;PASSWORD=M_WEBAPI;USER ID=M_WEBAPI" providerName="Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.Client"

SRD database server name for =_srddatabaseserver_ and SID of the oracle SRD Database for _srddatabasesid_

add name="ServiceManagement" connectionString="DATA SOURCE=_samdatabaseserver_/_samdatabasesid_;PERSIST SECURITY INFO=True;USER ID=&quot;sam&quot;;PASSWORD=_samuserpassword_

SAM database server name and the SAM Oracle database SID for =_samdatabaseserver_/_samdatabasesid_. Replace the password for the user “sam” for =_samuserpassword_

The Intergraph Smart API Manager (SAM) software provides the authentication to access Smart Reference Data web API objects. You must request SAM to get the service ID, secret key, and then register with SAM.

  1. Open a browser and then paste the registration URL

    Your registration URL must be in the following format:

    https://<AppServerName>.<domain name>/<VirtualDirectoryName>/srd/v2/descripiton


  2. Copy the response body. The sample response body is:

    {"Product":"SRD","Name":"Smart Reference Data API","Description":"Smart Reference Data API","Version":"","BaseUri":"","TokenIssuerUri":"","TokenAudience":"000000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000","SupportedClaims":[],"SupportedScopes":["ingr.api"],"IsLicensingEnabled":false,"InstalledLicenses":[]}

  3. Go to http://in-<applicationserver><samapplicationserver>

  4. Click Smart APIs, and then click .

  5. Select Specify the JSON content for the Smart API service description, and then click NEXT.

  6. Paste the sample response, and then click NEXT

  7. Copy the secret or type your own secret code, and the click NEXT.

  8. Click FINISH.

Add Group

  1. On the left panel, click Groups   .

  2. Click New Group  .

  3. In the Register a Group dialog box, click Name and type the name of the group.

  4. Click NEXT and then FINISH. The details page for the new group appears.

  5. In the Smart API Access section, click    and click Add Smart API.

  6. In the Add Smart API Access dialog box, click Select a Smart API and select the Smart API.

      To narrow the list, type all or part of the Smart API name in the Select a Smart API box.

  7. Click NEXT. The dialog box automatically lists required claims, which are claims that a group must include when requesting access to the Smart API.

    You must select the URL that you have registered in Register SRD API server with SAM section

  8. Click NEXT.

  9. Click the Enable Authorized Group check box to toggle access for the group.

  10. Click NEXT and then FINISH.

Add User

  1. On the left panel, click Users  .

  2. Click New User  .

  3. In the Register a User dialog box, click each of the following fields and type the information for the user: First Name, Last Name, and Email Address.

  4. Click NEXT.

  5. Click Username and type the user name.

  6. Click Password and type the password.

  7.   Click Generate   to generate a random value.

  8. Click NEXT and then FINISH.

  9. In the Manage Group Membership, click the + icon to add the group.

Add Smart Client

  1. On the left panel, click Smart Clients  .

  2. Click New Smart Client  .

  3. In the Register a Smart Client dialog box, click to enter a Name.

  4. Click NEXT.

  5. Click to select the Authorization Flow. Guidelines and links to additional resources are provided on the dialog box.

  6. If the selected flow requires a secret, a value is automatically generated and displayed. The Smart Client must provide this secret to Smart API Manager when requesting an access token for a Smart API.

    If you want to change the generated secret, click the value and type a new one. You can also change it later using the details page for the Smart Client.

  7. Before continuing, save a copy of the client secret.

  8. Click NEXT and then FINISH.