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Intergraph Smart Reference Data Installation (10.4)

Intergraph Smart Reference Data
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Installation & Upgrade
Smart Materials/Smart Reference Data Version

Download the latest version ( of the Intergraph Batch Services tool from (click Batch Services and download the Batch Services Current file).

  1. Click Start > All Programs > Intergraph Smart Batch Services > Intergraph Batch Manager.

  2. Select the computer name from the Batch Servers pane.

  3. Select Server > Account Mapping.

  4. Type * for Map From Account Domain/Host and the User.

  5. In the Map To Account Domain/Host box, select the domain of the Windows user account you want to run jobs as.

  6. In the Map To Account User box, type the user name.

  7. Click Add.

  8. Type and confirm the password for the user name.


Add server properties

  1. Click Server and then click properties

  2. Click the Security tab, click Add, and then in the Add Names box, type Users.

  3. Select Type as Manager, and then click Ok.