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Intergraph Smart Reference Data Installation (10.1)

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Intergraph Smart Reference Data
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Installation & Upgrade
Smart Materials/Smart Reference Data Version

This document describes how to install Smart Reference Data. You must do two steps for the installation.

  1. You must install IIS, .NET Framework 4.8 and Oracle tools on the server machine. You must also install and prepare the Smart Reference Data Server components on the server machine.

  2. You must install .NET Framework 4.8 and the client on each client machine for each user.

To execute export jobs from Classic, install .Net framework 4.8 on Classic application server.

The first step has to be done once. Step two has to be done for each user on each client machine.

If the first step is done, then you have one virtual directory on the application server. This directory hosts the web service executable itself. We call this the Service directory.

The second step is the client installation, which is done using Wix Installer. After the installation, you have installed Smart Reference Data on the client.

Here is an example showing how daily work on the client is executed.

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