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Intergraph Smart Reference Data Installation (10.1)

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Intergraph Smart Reference Data
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Installation & Upgrade
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  1. Log on to Smart Reference Data.

  2. Navigate to Administration > Options.

  3. Click Authentication Configuration Details.

  4. Type the Authentication Server Issuer URL.

  5. Type the SRDAPI Server and Virtual Directory that you configured.

  6. Type the Redirect URI from OKTA.

  7. Type the Client ID which you have received while registering with OKTA.

  8. Type the Smart API Service Id/Scope from OKTA.

  9. Click Verify Configuration to check if the configuration details are correct. The OKTA Authentication login page appears.

    • When you click Verify Configuration only the Authentication Server Issuer URL, Redirect URI, Client ID, and Scope fields are verified. If these details are correct, the OKTA Authentication login page appears.

    • If there is any error in the above listed configuration details, an error message appears Verification of configuration details failed.

  10. Type the Username and click Next.

  11. Type the Password and click Sign In.

  12. Complete the Authentication by providing the approval using the OKTA Verify application on your mobile. A success message appears.