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Each workplace has its own work queue. The materials are directed to the workplaces in the Workshop Material application, and then scheduled in the Work Queue application where you can change the workplace of the materials. Notice that the contents of the page (headers, information, and so forth) might vary depending on customization.

Page Buttons

Allow you to select different work queues, Set Pause/Disturbance, monitor contents of the Storage Locations, and Select workers.

Available Workers

Displays a list of workers assigned to the workplace. Names displayed on blue rows indicate that the worker is an event owner. You assign workers, and select event owners on the Workers page. See Select workers.

Function Buttons

Used to perform different actions for the selected material of the work queue. Each button is described later in this document.

Search Tool and Check Boxes

Allows you to locate specific materials. The check boxes allow you to and filter the information and functions the page displays.

Work Queue

Displays the materials in the current workplace and page. Upcoming Works, New Works, Active Works, and History pages have a corresponding work queue. Queue order depends on part scheduling.