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The charts of selected work groups and workplaces open into their own windows. The charts are based on days and hours.

Every window has the title bar, which displays the name of the object, in addition to two charts. Three control buttons are located on the right side of the title bar. You can use the Close button (X) to close a chart window instead of opening the Select Graphs window.

The charts are column charts where days are shown in the horizontal axis and hours are shown on the vertical axis. The columns visualize workloads of work groups and workplaces. The columns visualize different types of workloads with different colors as described by the legend. The solid red line visualizes the available capacity.

The Overdue section shows the workloads that are overdue.

Overdue means that the static scheduling is in the past and the work is late.

You can use the Summary of Selected Graphs check box in the Select Graphs windows to visualize multiple work groups and workplaces into a single chart. In the summary, the workloads and capacities of selected work groups and /workplaces are summarized together.