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An example of the Dispatch main window is shown below. Three tabs run along the top of the top of the window: Create Dispatch List, Dispatch list, and Dispatched orders.

Create Dispatch List tab

Provides text boxes for adding general information to the dispatch. The Add, Save, Delete, and Activate buttons (1) enable you to interact with the dispatch lists.

Dispatch list tab

Displays existing dispatch lists.

In the top section of the window, you can use the Search tool to search the lists (1). The Filter combo box (2) enables you to filter the contents of the list. For example, you can filter the list so that only printed dispatch lists are displayed.

In the middle section of the window, the Available packages list (3) shows the packages that have not been added to a dispatch. The Packages in dispatch list (4) shows the packages in the currently selected dispatch. To add and remove packages to and from the selected dispatch, you use the and buttons between the two lists (5).

There are two buttons just above the Packages in dispatch list: Ready and Print (6). Clicking Ready marks the selected dispatches as ready. Clicking Print prints a dispatch and a charter list of the selected dispatch.

Clicking Print also opens the Report Printing dialog box so that you can select the reports to print.

The Contents of the package lists (7) in the bottom part of the window show order items that are included in the package selected from the package list. Three buttons run across the the bottom of the screen: Refresh, Extra info, and Close (8). Use the Refresh button to refresh the screens. You can use the Extra info button to see more detailed order item information of the order item selected in the bottom lists. Clicking the Close button closes the software

Dispatched orders tab

Displays all the orders that are included in one or more dispatches.