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Change Management
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You can work with change management in the Ship Import, Order Input, Cutting, and Work Queue applications.

In Smart Production Order Input, the status combo is available to all order items (plate part, profile part, assembly, nesting):

In Smart Production Cutting, the application informs you if a new part version is imported, and if a part that is currently in use has been changed in the interface:

In Smart ProductionCutting Database, a window shows the changed nestings:

You can open and change the nesting. Changed parts are indicated with exclamation marks. More information about change is shown when you hovers the cursor over the exclamation mark:

Work in the On Hold status is shown in purple in Smart Production Work Queue. For nesting work, you can see from detailed part information from the part list, including the explanation in the On Hold Remark field.

If a part change has triggered the On Hold action it will be inherited to Nesting. An On Hold status can be manually added manually to nesting to temporarily prevent cutting:

Work in the On Hold status is shown in purple in the Smart Production WsWeb workshop application. You can see detailed part information from part list, including details of the part’s On Hold status: