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This option temporarily halts the part in production process and allows the user to make the necessary changes for the existing nestings.

Usage for Parts

This status is set automatically for parts that are nested but where design changes were received from the design system, or status is manually set to Halted by the user. It is not possible to start part-related work phases in Smart Production Workshop Web, which contains the Halted part. Reporting nesting in Smart Production Workshop Web Cutting is still possible, but operator is notified and action is verified when cutting is started.

You must decide how to proceed:

  • You can remove the status Halted from the part and from the nesting and continue production.

  • You can remove the status Halted only from the nesting and thus allow manufacturing of the nesting. The parts will be cut but they will still stay in status Halted. The part is visible on the next work place, but part related work phase cannot be started as part is in status Halted.

  • You can open the nesting, update the parts that have been changed. Saving the nesting automatically removes On Hold status from the nesting. However part’s On Hold status is not automatically removed, but can be removed manually. This is because there can other reasons why On Hold status has been set to part manually to halt part right after cutting.

  • It is possible to update existing nesting with a new part when in On Hold status Halted. It is also possible to redefine the size of a remnant (if it exists) from this plate in order to add the necessary new parts. For example:

    • Part A is imported.

    • Part A is nested to the nesting X.

    • A new import is completed where a new Part B is added to the block and geometry of Part A is changed.

    • Nesting X will automatically go to the On Hold status Halted in because part A change is identified in the import.

    • Nesting X has not been cut so Part B will be added to the nesting X.

    • Part B can be added to nesting X regardless of whether nesting X is in On Hold status Halted or not.

    • The possible remnant in the nesting X can be changed.

Usage for Assemblies

Assembly gets status Halted if any part needed for it is already manufactured. The cut part will also get status Reject and a new order item will be automatically created.

You must decide how to proceed:

  • You can remove the status Halted from the assembly and status Reject from the parts, delete the new order items and continue production using the already cut parts.

  • You can manufacture the new parts. Removing manually the status Halted from the assembly should be done only when it is made sure that already cut parts with old geometries are not going to be used in the manufacturing (for example: scrap the parts).