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  • Smart Production Change Management uses the part identifier (OID, object identifier) to identify the parts. If the OID has changed, the part will be handled as a new part. The OID changes if the part is deleted and recreated in the design system. In these cases the part will be handled as a new part and the old part will be removed or set to be removed if it has been nested.

  • Changes that are made manually in Smart Production will be overwritten when reimporting the block in Smart Production Ship Import. Only reimported parts will be overwritten, not the entire block.

  • Smart Production saves only the latest version of the geometry.

  • Already existing nestings can be modified using latest version part in case that geometry has been changed. New parts can be added to already existing nestings and remnant shape can be modified according changed nesting.

  • Parts from different design systems must be handled on their own blocks. It is not possible to combine parts from several design systems in to the same block.

  • Same interface source should be used for whole block. It is not possible to combine parts from several import interfaces in the same block. For example parts cannot be imported using Smart Production Ship Import and Smart Production Cutting for the same block.

  • All manual changes made by the user for a part’s On Hold status will be overwritten if a part with changes is imported into Smart Production Ship Import again.