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This document describes change management for order items including plate parts, profile parts, and assemblies.

Changes in design are frequent in ship yards also after design information is released into work preparation and into production. Thus change management is important part of the Ship data system. In practice, design systems have just the latest version of the design and they do not store previous version of the design.

Smart Production needs to control version changes of part geometries and information in order to produce parts according to the latest design. This means that if there are design changes the user needs to import design information second time close to the start of part fabrication and see which nestings are affected by changes. Part change might also happen when parts are already in production process and cutting work needs to be halted in fabrication before cutting or already cut part needs to be scrapped due to design change and new part version needs to produced.

Smart Production Change Management is a process that takes into consideration the whole chain of tasks starting from the design and ending at the production floor. It requires accuracy on all levels.

  • Design - Design team can make changes in the parts, add new parts, or delete existing parts that might affect the existing nestings, planning, and shop floor activities. The possible changes include change of part geometry, size, material grade, thickness, and amount.

  • Parts in the work planning - The changes can be done after the part is already imported to Smart Production. Changes in design have to be imported to Smart Production as soon as made and finalized. If this is not possible, information should be passed manually to Smart Production to halt the manufacturing of the old version of the part to prevent the part being cut using the old version.

  • Manufactured parts - When a new version of part that is already manufactured is imported to the Smart Production system, a new demand for order item should be added into Smart Production. The demand must be added, but also ensure the old version of the part will not go forward in the production process.

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