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Select Pick & Verify from the Main menu to start Component Picking and Verifying.

The screen is empty, and Verify Material is unavailable the first time you start Component Picking and Verifying.

Start picking components by scanning one order item barcode at a time (that is, nxorderlineid). You can scan a pipe weld.

After a successful scan, the device displays the following order item information: item name, assembly, and names of components to connect. The components to connect display in a red box. Unverified material is indicated by a "Material Verification needed" error message. Verified material is indicated by a check mark in a circle and a "Material Verified" success message.

To connect an item, select it from the lower list and scan the component. If the scan is successful, the device displays the connected component data and the red box is removed. If any errors are encountered, an error message displays.

Use VERIFY MATERIAL to verify component materials.