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Completion of item work phase starts by pressing ‘Work Phase’ in main menu.

After an item (part, raw material, package, pipe spool, and so forth) is successfully scanned, the item content displays in the Work Phase window. The Complete command is unavailable if the item cannot be completed. Stop and Start commands display if the current work phase is configured to track working time. In this case, the Complete command is unavailable until you press Start to start the Work phase. Press Stop to stop the work.

Press Complete to finish the work phase. The Work Phase window display updated item information after successful completion.

If you scan an order item (pipe weld), the device displays a different view. The list items in the lower part of the view depend on the work place where the order item is located. One or more actions to be handled for the order item display. Displayed actions can display as Completed, Accepted, or Rejected. The available commands depend on the action status.

Press Complete to complete the selected action for the order item.

Press Accept to accept the test. Press Reject to reject the selected action.