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Select Pick Material from the Main menu to start Material Picking.

After a PickListItem is successfully scanned, Pick Material displays the following item data: PickList Number, Duedate, Need count and type (nesting or material order), and Workplace. Items (materials or order items) that are preselected to the PickListItem display in the lower part of the screen in a red box. The red box indicates that the items have not been scanned. The Pick command is unavailable until all items are scanned.

Scan an item to add it to the PickListItem, or swipe to remove an item. You cannot Pick an empty PickListItem. The application checks whether all scanned items match the requirements of the item in the picking list. If the requirements do not match, the device displays an error and prompts you to scan a different item. You need to select preselected material from the lower list before scanning a preselected item. When the correct material is scanned, the red box turns green. The Pick command is unavailable until all material is selected.

If the selected item storage count is more than 1 and the PickListItem needs additional items, the application prompts you to enter the number of items to add to the PickListItem.