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Before you can access the SPID-ABE Integration Module to perform this configuration, you must perform the procedure described in the topic Configure and register the Smart P&ID Web API server with SAM.

The parameters included in this configuration are described in detail in the topic Configuration Parameters for SPID-ABE Integration. After completion of the SPID-ABE configuration, you must configure the Xalt Integration service to run as described in the topic Configure the Xalt Integration service for ABE Integration.

  1. In the path where you installed the Smart P&ID server, navigate to the ConfigurationTool folder and right-click Intergraph.Configuration.Utility.exe.

  2. On the shortcut menu, click Run as administrator.

  3. In the Configuration Utility, click the SPID-ABE Integration Module icon.

    The SPID-ABE Integration Module - Configuration Utility window opens on the Welcome page.

  4. Choose one of the following options:

    • Full Configuration — Choose this option if this is the first time you are performing a configuration of Smart P&ID integration with ABE and you have not performed any previous configuration activities in the Configuration Utility or in SAM.

    • Brief Configuration — Choose this option if you want to update an existing configuration or if you are performing a first-time configuration where a Smart Client has already been defined in SAM.

  5. Click Next to continue to the selected option.