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Intergraph Smart P&ID Web API Installation and Configuration

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For this configuration, you will define the following parameters for Smart API Manager (SAM):

  • A Smart API for Smart P&ID Web API with Supported Claim Type = domain

  • An authorized group assigned to the Smart API

  • A user belonging to the authorized group

  • A Smart Client for which the user is selected as the Impersonating User

The following table shows the parameters and values of the entities you will use or create for SAM:


Example Value


API Manager Url

The base url points to the server machine and domain on which SAM is installed. The last part of the string should be entered as shown.

SAM User Name

You must have the credentials of a registered SAM Admin user to log in to SAM.

SAM Password



SAM authorized group is required so that claims can be passed to the Smart API whenever a member of the group uses the Smart API. No correlation is required with the group defined in SEM.



The domain claim value for the assigned group. The domain name must match an existing domain name used in Smart Engineering Manager (SEM).



This parameter is a part of the SAM user definition. UserName value must match the user name of an existing AD user belonging to a SEM group with Full Control administration rights for the SPID plant.


Obtained from Smart P&ID Web API configuration (for details, see Configure and register the Smart P&ID Web API server with SAM). This value specifies the web address of the Web API.

Smart Client Name


Client will be set with DesignLeadA as impersonating user.

Smart Client Id


This must be a unique hex 32-character string. It is recommended to generate this value automatically to ensure its uniqueness.

Smart Client Secret


Values shown in bold italic apply only for the examples used in this documentation.