Configuring Smart P&ID for Integration with Aspen Basic Engineering™ - Intergraph Smart P&ID - 3.0 - Installation & Upgrade

Intergraph Smart P&ID Web API Installation and Configuration

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Installation & Upgrade
Smart P&ID Web API Version

For Smart P&ID to work with Aspen Basic Engineering™ (ABE), the following software must be installed:

  • Smart P&ID Web API 3.0, including the ABE Integration feature. For details, see Installing Smart P&ID Web API.

    If Smart P&ID Web API was already installed on your machine without the ABE Integration feature, go to Control Panel > Programs and Features, select Smart P&ID Web API 3.0 and click Change. Then, in the Modify/Uninstall dialog box, click Modify, choose Add or Remove Features, and make sure you select the ABE Integration check box.

  • SmartPlant Schema Component.NET, installed on the same machine as Smart P&ID Web API. For details, see Install Schema Component.

  • Smart Engineering Manager 12. For details, see Installing SEM.

  • Smart P&ID Version 11. For details, see Install Smart P&ID.

  • The ABE product.

  • Smart Engineering Manager and ABE are not required to be installed on the same machine as Smart P&ID Web API.

  • The SPID-ABE Integration System runs on the Xalt | Integration Engine platform that allows Smart P&ID and ABE to communicate with each other and exchange data. This platform is run as a service using the service's logon credentials, which requires that the service must be run with a Domain User account.

  • Currently, Smart API Manager (SAM) is the only tool supporting the authentication of Smart P&ID Web API for integration with ABE.

Prerequisite registration and configuration activities

In addition to the software installations mentioned above, before you can work with ABE Integration, you must do the following in the order shown:

  1. In Smart Engineering Manager, register your Smart P&ID plant with ABE. This is needed to specify the ABE endpoint source. For details, see Registering a Plant with Aspen Basic Engineering.

  2. Configure Smart P&ID Web API. For details, see Configuring Smart P&ID Web API.

  3. Configure SAM to authenticate Smart P&ID Web API for integration with ABE. For details of the SAM configuration requirements, see Configure Smart P&ID Web API for ABE Integration.