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  1. Open a drawing in Smart P&ID.

  2. Click Tools > Custom Commands.

  3. On the Custom Command dialog box, browse to ..\SmartPlant\P&ID Workstation\bin and double-click ApplySettingsCmd.dll.

  • Any user can update drawings using these commands. However, check your permissions, which are assigned in Smart Engineering Manager, to find out if you can make changes to the plant-wide symbology in Options Manager.

  • Once you load the current plant-wide symbology definitions into your drawing, you cannot revert to previous definitions. However, you can always override plant-wide symbology choices in your drawing by using drawing filters and choosing alternate symbology for items.

  • In Options Manager, two settings, Minimum Connector Segment and Routing Self-Avoidance, control the behavior of pipe and signal runs when they are placed in a drawing or when an inline component is placed on a run. You can change these settings in Options Manager, but the new values affect only lines placed after the change. The ApplySettingsCmd.dll macro applies the latest settings to all runs on the current drawing. You must run this macro for every drawing individually.