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This utility updates the property sp_connectorszerolength, which was added to the t_piperun table in Version 2007.  This property is used to indicate a zero length pipe run when placing adjacent inline items such as a reducer and a valve.  If you upgraded from an earlier version and have already run the Smart P&ID Upgrade Utility, this property is updated automatically and you should not need to perform any further action.  However, if you did not perform the upgrade, or if you encounter problems with filtering or publishing zero length pipe runs, you can update the property independently by performing the procedure below.  This utility finds all zero length pipe runs and assigns a value of True to this property for those pipe runs.  After running the utility, you can filter out zero length pipe runs for viewing in the EDE and reports, and you can also exclude them from published data.

Do the following to update the sp_connectorszerolength property.

  1. Open a drawing in Smart P&ID.

  2. Click Tools > Custom Commands.

  3. On the Custom Command dialog box, browse to ..\SmartPlant\P&ID Workstation\bin and double-click UpdtPiperunConnZeroLen.dll.