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The Repair Relationship Indicators utility (RepairRelIndCmd.dll) processes all graphic connections on the active drawing and verifies all relationship indicators in the graphic file and in the database. If any relationship indicator errors are found, they are reported. You can then use this utility to automatically repair any of the reported errors. This utility must be run on a drawing by drawing basis.

  1. Open a drawing in Smart P&ID.

  2. Click Tools > Custom Commands.

  3. On the Custom Command dialog box, browse to ..\SmartPlant\P&ID Workstation\bin and double-click RepairRelIndCmd.dll.

  4. Click Open to start the utility.

    PPM All Outputs Graphic

  5. Select the Report option and click OK to evaluate relationship indicators and generate the RnR-RelIndicators.log report in the Temp folder. Review the report to see any relationship indicator errors existing in the drawing.

  6. If any errors exist, select the Repair & Report option and click OK to repair relationship indicators and to generate an activity report, RnR-RelIndicators.log, in the Temp folder. Review the report to see how each relationship indicator error was resolved.

  7. Close and reopen the drawing after running this utility and before making any further modifications to the drawing.

This utility must be run on a per drawing basis. It cannot be run on an entire plant.