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The Check Symbols utility (CheckSymbolsCmd.dll) checks the specified plant catalog for symbols with:

  • Graphics other than: igArc2d, igBalloon, igBoundary2d, igBsplineCurve2d, igCircle2d, igDimension, igEllipse2d, igEllipticalArc2d, igLeader, igLine2d, igLineString2d, igTextBox, and igPoint2d

  • ConnectPoints with an incomplete connect point attribute set.

  • Duplicate Connect Point Keys.

  • Incorrectly ordered (not sequential) Connect Point Keys.

  • Piping / Signal / Ducting points (if the symbol is an OPC symbol).

  • Property 'UsePhotographicStyleScale' = True (this value is not valid for symbols in Smart P&ID)

You should run this utility at least once on all plants. After running this initial check, run this utility each time symbols are edited in Catalog Manager. Results are written to the log file named CheckSymbolsFor_PlantName.log in the Temp folder.

This utility, delivered to the ..\SmartPlant\P&ID Workstation\bin folder, must be run in the SPPIDAutomation.exe environment.