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Drawing Manager

  • A new command, Refresh Template, is now available. This command reapplies the current template settings to the selected drawings and cancels any changes made directly in the drawings such as moving or deleting a SmartFrame or a logo that originates from the template. It is recommended to run this command to refresh any corrupted template objects or new objects in drawings, especially after upgrading Smart P&ID. It is also used when you change a drawing template and you want the changes to be implemented in existing drawings associated with that template. For details, see Refresh Template Command.


  • Integration is now available between Aspen Basic Engineering™ and Smart P&ID. For details, see Integration with Aspen Basic Engineering.

  • A new Search box has been added to the To Do List dialog box to allow search-as-you-type for data in the grid.

  • The To Do List display name Source Item Tag has been replaced by Source Tag. For updated software, the same data values that appeared for the Source Item Tag property now appear for the Source Tag property.

  • Handling of assemblies in SPID To-Do list.

  • Handling of assemblies in Engineering Data Editor (EDE).

Assemblies can be handled in EDE only as part of ABE Integration workflows; that is, users cannot right-click on the assembly symbol and send it to the stockpile.