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  • If you import a new pattern or style that has the same name as a pattern or style that is already listed on the Linear Patterns dialog box, the new information immediately overwrites the older pattern or style.

  • As soon as you import linear patterns or styles, the new information is immediately written into the project styles file. There is no option to save the changes later.

  1. Click Tools > Linear Patterns.

  2. On the Linear Patterns dialog box, click Import.

  3. On the Import Linear Patterns From dialog box, browse to the .sym file that contains your linear pattern.

  4. Click Open.

  5. Click Close on the Linear Patterns dialog box.

  • Any supporting styles referenced by the pattern that you choose to import are also imported.

  • When you import a linear pattern or heat tracing style, you must close the Linear Patterns dialog box and re-open it in order to see the newly imported information.

  • You can also import linear styles, which incorporate linear patterns, for heat tracing symbology.  The words heat trace must appear in the name of the style in order for Smart P&ID Options Manager to import the style.