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  1. Select the site server and plant for which you want to upgrade reference data.

  2. Click Tools > Upgrade Reference Data. A splash screen is displayed and then a message box informs you of a successfully completed upgrade operation.

  3. Click OK.

  • You must use this command before you can access reference data information from any plants created in an earlier version of the software.

  • Before you use the current version of Smart P&ID with an older plant version for the first time or whenever you create custom symbols in Catalog Manager, you must run this command to upgrade the symbols to the high-resolution 64 x 64 format.

  • Any changes made to the symbology in the Icon layer is updated in the reference data when you upgrade the reference data, allowing the Catalog Explorer to load the updated images for accurate information.

  • Once you upgrade reference data, you cannot view it in earlier versions of the software.

  • For information about changes made during the reference data upgrade, see the V4RefDataUpgrade.log file, which is saved in the reference data symbol path.