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  1. Click Symbology PPM All Outputs Graphic.

  2. Select the Plant Filter row you want to change.

  3. In the Color, Width, and Pattern boxes, select the new value for the symbology property.

    SHARED Tip When you pause on an item in the Pattern list, a ToolTip displays the name of the pattern.

  • You can change the color, width, or pattern for plant filters at any time. However, after you define a new plant filter, you cannot change its name. Nonetheless, you can delete that row from the table and redefine another plant filter. For more information about creating a new symbology row, see Define Plant Symbology.

  • If you make changes to the symbology for a plant filter, the software prompts you to save your changes when you click one of the other options on the options bar.

  • If you make changes to the symbology after creating drawings, and you want those changes to be reflected in the drawings, you must run the appropriate update commands.  For details, see the Update Drawings Command topic in the Drawing Manager User's Guide and the Update Symbology Command topic in the Smart P&ID User's Guide.