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Smart P&ID Options Manager is divided into six main functions, each of which is accessed by a command button on the left side of the main window:

PPM All Outputs GraphicPPM All Outputs GraphicPPM All Outputs GraphicPPM All Outputs GraphicPPM All Outputs GraphicPPM All Outputs Graphic

Click one of these buttons to open a detailed view in the main window.

Various commands on the Edit menu and on the toolbar are available depending on the current selection in the main window.

For some cells in Smart P&ID Options Manager, a calculation button PPM All Outputs Graphic appears when the cell is selected. Clicking this button opens a dialog box that enables you to specify the information required for that field. For instance, when you specify file locations in the Settings window, the Open dialog box appears so you can associate the correct file and path, or when you define gapping, the Select Filter dialog box opens.

The File menu also contains commands for saving changes to database definitions and closing a version of Smart P&ID Options Manager.