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9 (2019)
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10 (2019)

The heat trace line offset is modified by setting the offset value in the line style properties for an individual heat trace. The offset value has to be modified for every heat trace line style for which the offset change is required. The workflow is as follows:

  1. Create a new symbol in Catalog Manager to be used to edit the line style and import the changes back into the ProjectStyles.spp file.

  2. Reference the ProjectStyles.spp file.

  3. Import line styles to be edited from the ProjectStyles.spp file into the symbol file and setting the offset to the desired value using Line Style Editor.

  4. Import the updated line style from the symbol file back into the ProjectStyles.spp file in Options Manager.

  5. Update drawings in Drawing Manager.

  • Unlike the default offset distance, a user-defined additional heat trace offset distance will not change dynamically as the zoom level changes in the Smart P&ID drawing view. It is recommended to turn on the Display as printed option (Tools > Options > General) in Smart P&ID to get a consistent look for the offset. This limitation will not affect the print-out results of the drawings.

  • This procedure has no impact on the heat trace line offset in translation output files (.dwg / .dxf / .dgn) created by the Smart P&ID Save As feature.