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Smart P&ID Version
9 (2019)
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10 (2019)
  1. Select Gapping PPM All Outputs Graphic.

  2. Select the Line Type box in the empty last row of the Gapping table.

  3. Select PPM All Outputs Graphic to open the Select Filter dialog and select a filter.

  4. Select the filter you want. If needed, you can create a new filter for your gapped item. See Create a Simple Filter or Create a Compound Filter.

  5. Select OK.

  6. In the Gapping Style box of this row, select the symbol you want to use to indicate gaps for lines in the selected filter.

  • Options set for gapping in Smart P&ID Options Manager apply only to automatically gapped lines.

  • When you select a filter from the Line Type list, two filters appear in the Gapping table: one with vertical orientation and one with horizontal orientation. You can specify a gapping style for each.

  • You can change the priority with which these gaps are applied to lines in a design. See Change Gapping Priority.