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10 (2019)

Symbology provides graphical clarity to a drawing by differentiating among various items by their appearance. Symbology refers to the color, line width, and style associated with items in a particular filter.

You can use color to differentiate among the different types of drawing items, such as equipment, piping, or instruments, while the software uses line widths and styles to represent various properties of those items. For example, you can define symbology to represent existing lines, future lines, and new lines by using filters that correspond to these in Filter Manager. You can also define symbology to represent lines carrying different fluids or items supplied by different manufacturers, if those properties exist for items in the data model.

By default, the software offers a set of predefined symbology for the following items:

  • instruments

  • nozzles

  • pipe runs

  • labels

  • equipment

  • duct runs

  • duct components

  • rooms

You can change the default symbology for any filter or define symbology for any other existing filters.

To change the appearance of graphics in the Smart P&ID design software for items with a particular attribute for package number, you can define a filter for items containing the property you want and then define symbology for that filter using the Symbology option. For example, if you want to customize the symbology of items with a particular piping materials class, you can define a filter containing items with the piping materials class, and then define the specific symbology you want to see in the drawing. This behavior emulates the PDS 2D Context Display Domain command.

The order of the options listed in the Symbology table indicates the priority, in descending order, when assigned to an item upon placement in a design. You can change the priority of symbology assignment by selecting the symbology row and using Move Item Up PPM All Outputs Graphic or Move Item Down PPM All Outputs Graphic on the toolbar. You can select only one row at a time when changing symbology priority.