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Smart P&ID Version
9 (2019)
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10 (2019)
  1. Open Catalog Manager and create a new symbol.

  2. Assign a meaningful name to the symbol, for example: HT_offset_modifier.sym.

  3. Display the Line Style Editor.

  4. Reference the ProjectStyles.spp file as follows:

    1. Select Format > Style to display the Style dialog.

    2. Select Resources to display the Style Resources dialog.

    3. Select Add to display the Add Style Resource dialog.

    4. Browse to the active plant’s P&ID Reference Data folder and type ProjectStyles.spp in the File name field.

    5. Select Open.

    6. Select OK on the Style Resources dialog.

    7. Select Close on the Style dialog.

  5. In the Line Style Editor, expand the Linear Styles node.

  6. Right-click the heat trace line style that you want to modify (for example, Electric Heat Trace) and select Import Style on the shortcut menu.

    The line style name becomes bold, indicating that it has been imported into the symbol.

  7. Right-click the style again and select Properties on the shortcut menu to display the Linear Style Properties dialog.

  8. Enter the value in the Offset field. The base offset value for heat trace lines is 0.05 in. As such, the actual offset value will be 0.05 in + the value entered in the Offset field.

  9. Select a value that matches one of the Options Manager Tracing options in the Crossover orientation list. For example, select Top right.

  10. Save the file in Catalog Manager and exit.