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Smart Electrical Version
2019 (9.0)
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9 (2019)
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10 (2019)
  1. Click Symbology .

  2. Select the Plant Filter column in the last row of the Symbology table.

  3. Click to select a filter.

  4. On the Select Filter dialog box, select the filter or compound filter that represents the item for which you want to define plant symbology.

    If necessary, you can create a new filter.  For more information, see Create a Simple Filter (see ) or Create a Compound Filter (see ).

  5. Click OK.

  6. In the Color, Width, and Pattern boxes, select values for the symbology properties.

    When you pause on an item in the Pattern list, a ToolTip displays the name of the pattern.

The order of the options listed in the Symbology table indicates the priority, in descending order, when assigned to an item upon placement in a design. You can change the priority of symbology assignment by selecting the symbology row and clicking the Move Item Up or Move Item Down buttons. You can select only one row at a time when changing symbology priority.