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Smart P&ID Insulation Specification Manager displays a plant insulation specification file in a Tree view.

Folders organize specifications into insulation types: cork, glass wool, asbestos, and so forth. Within folders individual specifications are described. Open a folder by double-clicking it or by selecting the plus sign preceding the name. Review the properties of an individual specification by double-clicking it. The Insulation Specification Properties (see Insulation Specification Properties Dialog Box) dialog box displays all the information about each specification.

The path to the active plant insulation specification file, which has the extension .isl, is defined in the reference data settings in Smart P&ID Options Manager. In Smart P&ID Insulation Specification Manager, you can open a different database, create an entirely new plant specification file, or change the default path if you need to access a different plant file. You must have the appropriate permissions, granted in Smart Engineering Manager, to open and modify plant files in Smart P&ID Insulation Specification Manager.