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The complex process plants of today require the use of extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, to manufacture the products that you need. To make the plants energy efficient and economical and to provide safety to workers, the use of insulation is required. Over the years, company standards have been developed that dictate the type and thickness of insulation based on temperature and other operating factors. These standards make it feasible for the design software to select the proper insulation required and automatically enter it into the database. This practice insures proper design and speeds up the design process by freeing users from the laborious and error-prone task of entering property data.

Detailed insulation thickness calculations are necessary for each pipeline and piece of equipment in a plant. However, since insulation typically comes in a standard thickness, companies commonly generate tables of data that match the thickness required versus temperature and diameter. Different tables are generated for different conditions, for example, personnel protection or energy conservation.  Intergraph Smart® P&ID Insulation Specification Manager provides users with a way to enter their table data such that it is electronically stored so that the software can access the data as required. In other words, the software does the table look-ups for you, so you do not spend valuable time looking through stacks of insulation tables.

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