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Specifies properties of a filter, including the name, description, and the other properties for which you want to filter. Each item type owns a set of properties. Examples of item types are Equipment, and Instrument, and examples of properties for these item types are Equipment Type, InstrLoop Part Number, and Estimated Length respectively. You can view the properties of a filter, but you cannot modify or create filters in Smart P&ID Insulation Specification Manager. This dialog box opens when you click Properties on the Exclusion Filters dialog box.

Name — Specifies the filter name. This is the name that appears as the filter name on the Exclusion Filters dialog box.

Set as asking filter — This check box is selected if the filter is defined as an asking filter. Asking filters do not have any meaning in this dialog box because all the Edit options are read-only.

Description — Provides a description of the filter. The description appears as a ToolTip when you point to the filter name on the Exclusion Filters dialog box.

Filter for — Contains the top-level items from the Data Dictionary. The properties displayed in the Definition grid are those that are appropriate for this item.


Displays all defined criteria associated with a filter.

Match all — Specifies that only items matching ALL of the filtering criteria pass through the filter.

Match any — Specifies that items matching any one or more of the filtering criteria pass through the filter.


The options in this section are not available for read-only mode.