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Every plant has different insulation needs, and Smart P&ID Insulation Specification Manager allows you to address those needs with customized insulation specifications. By creating and modifying specifications for the plant yourself, rather than using preset specifications, you ensure that the plant meets your criteria as closely as possible. This customization allows for safer, more energy- and time-efficient plant design.

By using the Add Specification command in Smart P&ID Insulation Specification Manager, you can create custom specifications for a wide variety of uses from any standard insulating materials, with behaviors preset for use with both piping and equipment. Thickness options, layering, and exclusion filters let you create the necessary level of detail for your design. By setting up temperature and size ranges, you can create a specification that applies across a wide variety of piping systems and equipment. The temperature range refers to the operating range for the insulation specification only. It is not constrained to match any defined temperature for the item that you insulate in the design software.

By using the Properties command, you can modify any preset insulation specification to suit your plant design needs.