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  1. Select an insulation specification in the Tree view.

  2. Click Edit > Properties.

  3. On the Insulation Specification Properties dialog box, click the Exclusions button.

    You can click Exclusions on either the Piping or Equipment tab.

  4. Review the items already excluded on the Insulation Specification - Exclusions dialog box.

    You can remove an item from the Filters list by selecting it and clicking Remove Filter.

  5. Click Add Filter if you need to add items to be excluded from this specification.  The Exclusion Filters dialog box displays allowing you to choose a filter.

  • You can display the properties of a filter by selecting it and clicking Properties. However, you cannot modify filters in Smart P&ID Insulation Specification Manager.

  • Compound filters cannot be used to create exclusions in Smart P&ID Insulation Specification Manager.