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  1. Select an insulation specification in the Tree view.

  2. Click Edit > Properties.

  3. On the Insulation Specification Properties dialog box, click the Range Setup button.

    You can click this button on either the Piping or Equipment tab; the corresponding range setup dialog box appears.

  4. On the Piping Range Setup dialog box, select nominal diameters, and inspect the results in Resulting ranges.

    • Diameter ranges are required only for piping.

    • You can delete diameter values after selecting them.

    • Values in the Nominal diameter list are specified in select lists in Data Dictionary Manager.

  5. On either the Piping Range Setup dialog box or the Equipment Range Setup dialog box, type in temperature values in the Temperature area, and inspect the results in Resulting ranges.

    • If necessary, you can select a temperature value from the list and delete it.

    • The temperature range refers to the operating range for the insulation specification only. It is not constrained to match any defined temperature for the item you want to insulate in the design software.