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Allows you to specify the thickness of insulation required for a given temperature range.

Equipment insulation thickness — Displays the equipment insulation thickness values based on temperature values you assign on the Equipment Range Setup dialog box. All equipment is assumed to be flat; therefore, this tab requires only temperature values, not diameter values. Empty spaces are not allowed in this table.

Heat trace medium — Allows you to define the heat trace medium that will automatically be assigned with this insulation specification (such as FAJ, I, SN, and so forth). Only the defined heat trace medium can be used in combination with that insulation spec. You can also choose one of the following options: You can also choose one of the following options:

  • Undefined — No heat trace can be used if that particular insulation spec is assigned.

  • Ignore — Any heat trace can be used with that specified insulation spec.

Heat tracing media are defined in Data Dictionary Manager and their symbology is defined in Smart P&ID Options Manager. For equipment, the location of the symbology also depends on where the graphics are drawn on the Heat Trace or Jacket tab in Catalog Manager.

Range Setup — Opens the Equipment Range Setup dialog box, allowing you to set up temperature ranges that appear in the top row of the Equipment insulation thickness table.

Exclusions — Opens the Insulation Specification - Exclusions dialog box allowing you to apply filters to exclude the application of an insulation specification on a specific equipment type.