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If you customize the plant database items or attributes in your Smart Engineering Manager plant, you must define the mapping between these customized plant attributes and the properties in the SmartPlant schema.

  1. Open the plant data dictionary by right-clicking the plant in the Tree view in Smart Engineering Manager and selecting the Data Dictionary Manager command. For more information, see Data Dictionary Manager Command (Tools Menu) (see ).

  2. Add or modify the attributes in Data Dictionary Manager for each level in your hierarchy. For more information, see the Add a Property to Database Tables.

  3. Open the plant SPEMDataMap.xml schema map file in the Schema Editor and map the plant database items between the tool schema (SPEMDataMap.xml) and the SmartPlant schema. For more information, see the Schema Editor Guide.

  • If you add an enumerated list attribute to the plant data dictionary, see Hierarchical Enumerated Lists for information about mapping these complex data types.

  • The default SPEMdatamap.xml file contains the EF_SPAPlant attributes (CompanyName, SiteName, SiteLocation, DivisionName, and DivisionLocation). This file is delivered to the ..\Engineering Manager\SmartPlant Resources folder.