Install Web API Database Patch - Intergraph Smart Materials - Version 2017 R1 (2.1) - Installation - Hexagon PPM

Intergraph Smart Materials Web API Installation 2017 R1 (2.1)

Intergraph Smart Materials
Installation & Upgrade

Installation steps

  1. From your system, navigate to the setup folder. Double-click zip file>SMat_WebAPI_2-1-0-0_DB folder.

  2. Right-click SMat_WebAPI_DB_setup.exe file and then select Run as an Administrator.

  3. Click Start Setup. Type Username and Company details.

  4. To select the Install Path, click , and then select the required folder. Click Install.

    Selected Install Path folder should be empty. If no folder is empty, you can also create one through the application.

  5. Select Country or Region to view the license agreement in the required language.

  6. Select I agree to the license agreement and conditions, and then click Install.

  7. In Product Installation Completed, select View Readme, and then click Finish.

  8. Open a Command Prompt and navigate to the WebAPI Database scripts folder (<installed path>\Smart Materials Web API 2.1DB).

  9. Start SQL*Plus.

  10. Connect to the database with M_SYS schema.

  11. Run the file install_upgrade.sql. Type the following values:




    Password of sys user


    TNS network alias name of the database


    password of m_sys user


    TNS network alias name of the database