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Intergraph Smart Materials Web API Installation 2017 R1 (2.1)

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Intergraph Smart Materials
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Installation & Upgrade
  • Once the API is installed, application get registered in the IIS with the name specified in the Config tool. Check that the application is present in the IIS within the selected site.

  • In the <<installed path>\Web\API\webConfig>, ensure <service prefix=’SMAT/V1”, ID,and secret values are updated.

  • Login SAM,and navigate to Smart APIs. Check that the newly configured resource Smat Web API is registered with the updated Resource Identifier ID as present in web config or not.

  • In the Smat Web API also check the URL. This is the base URL to access the Web API.

  • In SAM, navigate to Groups and check that SMat Users group is created and has access to the registered API. Only the users added to the Authorized groups of the registered API can access this API.

  • To verify the service document of Smart Materials Web APIs, navigate to https://{{hostname}}/{{applicationname}}/serviceprefix and make sure that there are no errors in the page.

    • If Https is not enabled, then use Http.

    • Service prefix is SMAT/V1.

  • To know the description, navigate to https://{{hostname}}/{{applicationname}}/serviceprefix/Description.

  • To verify metadata, navigate to https://{{hostname}}/serviceprefix/$metadata.

  • To know annotations, navigate to https://{{hostname}}/{{applicationname}}/serviceprefix/Annotations/$metadata.