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Intergraph Smart Materials Web API Installation 2017 R1 (2.1)

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Intergraph Smart Materials
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Installation & Upgrade
  1. Navigate to the folder: <installed path>\Web\API\webConfig.

  2. In TNS_ADMIN key settings, provide the path of the TNS config file.

  3. In connectionStrings, Data Source should be pointed to the required database alias (TNS) for both connection strings; 'dbConnection' and 'SPMatWebApiContext.

  4. Update the service baseUri (https://{{hostname}}/{{applicationname}}/) value generated by the config tool.

  5. To enable and access the Open API client (Smart API Explorer), you must register a Smart Client (specifying the implicit flow) with SAM. And then add the Post-Login URI (http(s)://{{hostname}}/{{applicationname}}/SMAT/V1>/doc/explorer/oauth2-redirect.html) in the Smart Client. Also, update this client id in the web config file in the documentation node.