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Intergraph Smart Materials Web API Installation 2017 R1 (2.1)

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Intergraph Smart Materials
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Installation & Upgrade

If an old version is also installed in the server, then you must copy few parameters from the backup file and update the same in the new web.config file (<installed path>\Web\API\webConfig). Parameters are as follows:

  • Services baseUri

  • ID and Secret values of the service which has prefix as SMAT/V1.

  1. Navigate to the Smart Materials Web API Config tool folder through the installation path:<installed path>\tools\WebApiConfigTool.

  2. Right click the Intergraph.WebApi.ServiceConfiguration tool application and then select Run as an administrator. Click Next.

  3. Enter the Username and Password.

    Use the SAM login credentials only.

  4. To check the given credentials, click Test, and then click OK.

  5. Select Register New Service and click Generate.

    If API is already registered, Update Existing Service is enabled, and fields are auto populated, click Generate.

    The service secret is automatically generated and appears in the Service Secret box. Secret is generated to hold the relation between client and service.

  6. After Service Secret is generated, click Next.

  7. Provide the details as required, and then click Next.



    Web Site

    Create a new one or use the existing site name

    Application Name

    Name of the application when hosted in the IIS

    Application Pool

    New application pool to isolate the application.

    Enable Https

    To enable Https Protocol standards

    Https Certificate

    To view provided Https Certificate

    Https Port

    Port number where the application is hosted.

    If you select Enable Https, provide Certificate details. If certificate is not available, then add a certificate and restart the application.

  8. Click Next. To save the configuration file, click Save to file. Type filename and password.

    SHARED Tip Remember the service name and URL for further usage.

  9. Click Finish.