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Intergraph Smart Materials Web API Installation 2017 R1 (2.1)

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Installation & Upgrade

If an old version is installed on the server, then you must take a backup and copy the required parameters to the new file, if the same SAM URL is used.

Before registering the web API, you must apply the following changes for App settings keys in the Intergraph.WebApi.ServiceConfigurationTool.exe.config file:

SHARED Tip File is located at <installed path>\tools\WEBAPIConfigTool.

  • ServiceManagerUrl - Add the SAM URL.

    SHARED Tip You must provide the service document details in the URL.

  • clientId - Client ID of the Config tool that is registered in SAM.

  • clientSecret - Client Secret of the Config tool that is registered in SAM.

To receive clientId and clientSecret, you should register the configuration tool as a Smart client and Authorization flow as Resource Owner in SAM manually. To know more, refer to SAM help documents.