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This section demonstrates how to modify existing Smart Materials Reports. In our example, we will increase column widths and change the order in which information is displayed from our new report created in the Create a New Report using Report Wizard section.

Now that the requirements have been defined and discussed, the developer can begin to generate a new report using Oracle Reports Developer, as described below.

  1. Open Reports Developer.

  2. Select Open an existing report, and click OK.

  3. Select the file we just created, and click Open.

  4. In the Object Navigator view, double-click the Paper Layout icon to open the report layout.

    We want to change the column width of Commodity Group in our example and also the Commodity Code so we need to open the Paper Layout.

  5. Use your mouse to select the columns and frames that need to be adjusted in order to make the modifications required.

  6. Close the Paper Layout dialog, and from the Object Navigator, double-click the Data Model icon.

    We want to change the sort order of the commodity groups from ascending order (which is the default) to descending order.

  7. Double-click the query box Q_1, or select the query box and open the context menu with a right mouse-click and select Query Dialog.

    In the SQL Query Statement dialog box, the original query statement is displayed that was used to design the report.

  8. Modify the query so that the ORDER BY statement is as follows:

    ORDER BY cg.cg_group_code DESC

  9. Click OK, compile and save the report.