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Let’s assume that the Smart Materials implementation team has requested that a new report must be created that shows the Smart Materials commodity group, part, and commodity code for any requested group, part, or commodity code. In order to develop and integrate this new report in Smart Materials, you must capture the exact requirements of this new report in the form of a specification to be delivered to an Oracle Developer to build the new report layout. In this specification, you must include the following:

  • The layout of the report. In other words, the report should be landscape format, with a standard company header, gridlines, and so forth.

  • Parameters to be included in the report to allow filtering.

  • The column requirements of the report.

  • Any special logic required to generate the actual fields to be displayed if not available from database columns.

  • The name of the report, location in Smart Materials, and availability to existing roles in Smart Materials (security).

Once this specification is created, it should be delivered to the development team to generate the report and integrate it into Smart Materials. Specifications should at least contain information like the following: