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To add a new report, insert a new entry in the Menus window (A.30.01).

Insert a new Record (F6) and enter the name of the report in the Menu Item field. The name can be a maximum of 10 characters. This name defines the name of the report in the file system. By default, the report is saved in the %MARIAN% folder. You can change this in the Smart Materials Application Server.

Choose the REPORT Menu Type and enter the Parent Menu Item as the parent menu where you like to place the report. There is a list of value you can use.

Click the Globe icon in the toolbar to display the Translated Descriptions dialog window. In this window, enter the translation for at least one language.

Click the X in the upper right corner of the dialog window to dismiss it and save the changes. Query again in the Menus window (A.30.01) to display the changes.

The last step to define the menu is to set the Sort Order to control the display order of the nodes of the menu tree. A best practice is to query the Parent Menu Item and enter a number between the Menu Item where to place the new one.

Save the changes.