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MobileScan 5.0 uses Intergraph Smart Licensing (ISL) version 2019 ( The ISL tag name for MobilesScan is MATMOBILESCAN. When a user logs in to MobileScan, a license is consumed. By default, the license token is valid for 24 hours. The DBA Setting MS_LIC_VALIDITY controls the license validity and accepts a numeric value between 1 and 24 hours. Even if you assign more hours, the MobileScan application changes it to 24 hours.

If you need to open multiple instances of MobileScan application on the same browser, wait for the sign in process to complete before you sign in to MobileScan in another tab.

What happens when the license expires?

MobileScan application displays a license expiry page and the user is locked out. You can either choose to sign out (pending scans are lost) or re-enter the password and fetch a new license to continue the work.

What happens when the mobile device is offline?

Whether the mobile device is online or offline, at the end of the validity time, the application displays a license expiry page. Once you re-enter the password and the application fetches a new license to continue the work. You can also choose to sign-out.
In case of some pending scans, the application shows a warning on the page. 

What happens if I open the application on multiple browsers?

Every instance of MobileScan consumes one license. If you open MobileScan on two browsers, two licenses are consumed.

What happens if there are no licenses available?

A new sing in is not allowed. You must wait till a new license is available in the license pool.

What happens if a user forgets to sign out from MobileScan?

In case a user forgets to sign-out properly from the application and the license for the corresponding session has expired, the clean-up job releases the license. The clean job runs every 15 minutes. For more information, see Intergraph Smart Licensing Portal Help and SMAT License Installation and Setup.