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Intergraph Smart Materials MobileScan Installation (5.1)

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Installation & Upgrade
Smart Materials Mobile Scan Version

For installing Active RFID client, you must run the setup program on the application server.

Before running the setup, install and upgrade Omni-ID Link Mobile Gateway Driver - Selma.inf, on the Active RFID client machine.

  1. Open the <Smart Materials MobileScan Active RFID Client> folder on the product DVD.

  2. Double-click MATMS_ARFID_Setup.exe to launch the installer.

    If you are not logged in as an administrator, right-click MATMS_ARFID_Setup.exe and select Run as administrator.

  3. Click Start Setup.

    MS Active RFID Install - 5.1

    SHARED Tip Click the Installation Guide link to open the Smart Materials MobileScan Installation Guide.

    If some of the prerequisites are not installed, the setup displays a list of the missing prerequisites. In such a case, install the missing prerequisites and then click Try Again.

  4. Type the username and the company name.

  5. Change the default installation path, if required.

  6. Select the features you want to install.

  7. Click Install.

    Active RFID Install - Details and Features - 5.1

  8. Select your country from the list to view the license agreement in your language.

    SHARED Tip You can click the print button to print the license agreement.

  9. Select I agree to the license agreement and conditions, and then click Install.

  10. Click Yes, if the message ‘Do you want to reboot your system now?’ appears.

  11. When the installation completes successfully, select View Readme, and click Finish.

    The Smart Materials MobileScan 5.1 Readme file is displayed.