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Intergraph Smart Materials MobileScan Installation (5.1)

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Installation & Upgrade
Smart Materials Mobile Scan Version

Prerequisite: You must obtain SSL certificates and install the certificates on the App Server to run the MobileScan application in a secure mode (https:).

  1. Run Services.msc.

  2. Right click MobileScanService, and then click Stop.

    Enabling HTTPS in Mobile Scan

  3. Create a folder SSL in <MobileScanInstallationFolder>.

  4. Copy the SSL certificates to the SSL folder and then rename SSL certificates as follows:

    • <Certificate Authority Name>CA.crt to ca.crt

    • <Server Name/node>.crt to server.crt

    • <Server Name/node>.Key to server.Key

  5. Right click the ca.crt and select Install Certificate.

    The Certificate Import Wizard displays.

  6. Select one of the following options and then click Next:

    • Current User - specifies that the certificate is valid only for the user who installed the certificate.

    • Local Machine - specifies that the certificate is valid for all the users using the machine on which the certificate is installed.

      The Certificate Store screen on the wizard displays.

  7. Click Next on the Certificate Store.

  8. Click Finish to complete the certificate import.

  9. Repeat Step 5 through Step 8 to install server.crt certificate.

  10. Run Services.msc.

  11. Right click MobileScanService, and then click Start.